Halloween Party

The best party of 5e Ambre

We are in people of 5e A. Our Halloween party it was 19th October, from 4pm to 5pm In the room 33, in our school. The room was decorated with little spiders (on the table), pumpkin balloons, spider webs, white ghosts and scary bats. On the table, there were candies, coke, one delicious spider cake and amazing banana ghosts pops. We ate, did activities, we did a quiz, we made candie brooms and we did a lovely momie challenge ! We wore black and red clothes and accesories : vampire teeth , witch hats and terrific knives ! Even Mr Divet and Mme Creach came to our Halloween party ! They wore a beautiful costumes ! It was fun !!

Written by Cléa, Rosalie and Robinson

5ème Jade : The scary halloween !!!

For the halloween party on october 20th 2017 at 4pm, the 5ème jade and their English teacher organised one party. There were monsters, witchies...in the classroom n°33.We invited Mme Creach and Mr Divet. The pupils wore costumes, make-up and black, grey and red halloween clothes. The decoration was nice because there were skeletons... We did games, mimes, eat and drink. The food was wonderful and the drinks were lovely. There were candies, banana ghost pops ice tea... IT WAS AMAZING !!!

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